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Bug Kidz Composting Book

At the beginning of his life, Robert is a big rhinoceros grub who loves to do grubby things, like roll around in the dirt. But Robert is about to undergo some big changes and experience interesting adventures; he’s going to transform from a grub into a Rhinoceros beetle.

In Robert the Transformer Bug, author Lea Fearn shows exactly how this happens. Through words and pictures, Lea Fearn tells an educational and fun story about the insect metamorphosis cycle and how Robert’s body makes those amazing changes.


This story also tells the difference between a female and a male rhinoceros beetle and shares where these mini beasts live and what they like to eat.

Offering a peek into the amazing and fascinating world of insects, Robert the Transformer Bug shows how creatures like Robert play a very important role in helping nature and earth maintain a healthy balance.

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Robert The Transformer Bug